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BubbleMax For Arizer

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If the Arizer Air 2 or Solo 2 are part of your vape game, well, here's a game changer! The BubbleMax gives you the cooling of a large water-piece in a compact package, delivering cool hits through your Arizer vape. The difference in performance after adding the BubbleMax is dramatic, while maintaining the discrete and portable attributes of Arizer vapes. Standing 6" tall with a tube percolator boasting 4 slits for additional bubbling, the BubbleMax gives you an easy draw from a mouthpiece canted to a comfortable position, all through pure glass, tip to tip. We designed and built the BubbleMax here at Sneaky Pete Vaporizers, and it's an addition we're thrilled to share with you. Get the cooling you'd expect from a stand alone water-piece, and change your game.

Get the BubbleMax; it's cool.

Key Features:

- Compatible with the Arizer Air 2 and Solo 2

- Numerous slits on percolator provide cooler temperature hits

- Ultimate purity from all glass production with a permanent filter

- Portable and discrete, but highly effective

- Designed to be a significant improvement over the stock experience

- We love this one!

- Never leave a water piece unattended on your vape, remove the water piece between uses