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The Reaper Mini Bong

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This specialty designer pure glass piece is sized to fit your DynaVap stainless-steel or titanium tip, adding cool looks with cooled vapour in a robust on-the-go sized package. Itโ€™s about the same size as our Baby Bong and features an improved downstem along with a carb on top for better function and bigger hits. The glass is thick, and the skull-shaped design looks very wicked as it bubbles to cool your vapour. Load your favourite DynaVap tip, insert it into The Reaperโ€™s precisely sized fixed downstem joint, and rotate gently back and forth (donโ€™t overturn with water) while heating until you hear the click, then enjoy your hit.

Key Features:

- use any DynaVap tip

- splash-free integrated downstem

- lots of conditioning with little water

- thick glass with skull-shaped design