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SPV Artisan Series Long Handled Dab Tool

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Dab tools (used to scoop concentrate into your dab rig) are often makeshift: screwdrivers, nails, tent pegs, human teeth...They have to be metal to withstand the heat (ok forget the teeth) and they should be clean. What microscopic crud was on that screwdriver that youโ€™re now inhaling into your lungs? Call me old fashioned but I believe in the adage 'a job for every tool, and a tool for every job'.

Cue the SPV Artisan Series - Long Handled Dab Tool. Itโ€™s purpose-built for dabbing, giving it optimal design and functionality. The pure grade 2 titanium spade was custom made by DynaVap, and it tapers to a spade, making it easy to scoop and manipulate your concentrate. The handle is bespoke from Edโ€™s TNT, individually crafted from one of two woods: either Mexican Tโ€™zalam (pronounced salam) or Mexican Katalox.

Both come from lumber with lots of curly stripes which gives a vibrant look. The Katalox is the denser of the two with a deep rich coffee/chocolate tone. One of the best features of this piece is that no matter how you set it down, the tool wonโ€™t roll and the blade wonโ€™t ever touch the surface. This prevents contamination of the spade or losing precious material.

This is the first custom collaboration between two of our favourite vape artists, combining their strengths to form a line of connoisseur-grade vape tools.

Key Features:

- Brand new innovative dab tool

- 4โ€ long wooden handle by Edโ€™s TNT

- 1.5โ€ wide titanium blade by Dynavap

- 5.5โ€ total length

- 0.5โ€ thickness

- Smart design prevents rolling and contact with surface

- Wide titanium blade with a tapered point for ease of use

- 100% made in the USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ