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Big Lubinski Triple Flame Lighter

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Why use one flame when you can use three?

Lubinski has a historic past as one of the premiere piezo electric lighter producers and we’re happy we’ve added the Big Lubinski Three Flame Lighter to our offerings. The three flames offer consistent heating and a lot of it, making it perfect for the DynaVap series as you won’t wait long for that click.

This well built, triple-flame lighter is wind resistant and its reservoir holds a substantial amount of butane, providing a long run time for a triple flame. With a flip open top that protects the jets from dust and debris and single button firing mechanism, simplicity is at the forefront of this efficient, powerful and consistent three flame lighter. The large dial on the bottom allows you to adjust the flame size, and it’s much larger and easier to use than most torches.

An all-around great value of price vs quality, The Big Lubinski Three Flame Lighter: the Dude approves.