Vortex Stem by Simrell Collection Beautiful & Highly Functional | Sneaky Pete Review

Hey guys, today I'm giving you a look at The Vortex Stem, which is made in the USA by The Simrell Collection. He does incredible work with real attention to detail and the design is sophisticated but not over-complicated. The Vortex Stem works with any DynaVap Tip and Cap, just attach it to the end and it’s vape time.


Precision machining from pure titanium

The Vortex Stem is made from pure titanium; a one-piece build with an integrated condenser. It features a tear-drop shaped carb that enables you to fully control the airflow, which you can clearly hear in the video review. With the carb fully opened, the Vortex Stem probably has the freest airflow of any stem I’ve tried. It is the same length as an XL stem, and it’ll fit into any third party accessory like the Silo or Silo XL or the DynaStash.

The machining by Simrell is fantastic. A lot of care was focused on creating precision and it feels natural in your hand. The tapering is smooth and the fit with DynaVap tips is perfect. Being titanium, the piece is very light. It’s somewhat beefier than an OmniVap XL, but still only weighs 15g so it’s not going to hold you down.

The piece featured in the video is “Galactic Camo” and it’s my favourite. They also make a raw titanium version that’s gorgeous as well. The camo coloring is done by anodizing. Like a good paint job on a car, anodized titanium will look like new for years if you take care of it. Simrell was even able to anodize the Sneaky Pete logo onto my personal Vortex Stem.

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Stays cool even during the heaviest sessions

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The Vortex Stem is more than just a catchy name. It literally creates vortices to turbulate your vapor for better cooling (see my video review at 2:15). The carb of the Vortex Stem is also more advanced than the normal air hole. Instead of being a circle, the Vortex Stem’s choke is teardrop shaped and not so much “on/off” but more dynamic and adaptable. Shaping the airflow this way super-charges hits through the Vortex Stem’s advanced design. You can open the carb only slightly or ramp up the airflow for a blast of vapor straight to the dome.

The user experience is exactly what you’d expect based on its looks. It’s a dream on dry runs. Plus its tapered design works natively with any 10mm female piece to take those sweet water-cooled hits we all love. The Vortex Stem works both ways with class, and its titanium stays cool even during the heaviest sessions.


Unrivaled quality, next-level stuff

I love this stem and it’s probably not hard to see why. They’re not cheap - and they’re not supposed to be. Everything about it is refined - the size, weight, fit and finish - making it next-level stuff. The advanced teardrop carb brings a completely new layer of fun to the DynaVap experience and being able to shape your hits means you can fine tune vaping however you want it. If you’re looking for unrivaled quality, you won’t be disappointed by the Vortex Stem.

Since this article was published the Simrell Collection have released their follow-up to the Vortex Stem - The Modular Vortex System, it maintains everything I loved about the Vortex Stem and adds a number of innovative new features, including modularity which allows for customisation and much easier cleaning. I highly recommend checking it out.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!

The Vortex Stem by Simrell

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