The Rogue by Healthy Rips Further Improvements On A Winning Design | Detailed Review

Hey guys, Sneaky Pete here, today I want to show you the new Rogue by Healthy Rips. Healthy Rips also make the Fury 2 and the Fury Edge, both of which I am a huge fan of, the Rogue looks like a slightly larger version of the Edge, which in turn looks like a larger version of the Fury 2. Healthy Rips haven’t reinvented the wheel here, but they have improved on an already excellent design, and the improvements they’ve made elevate the Rogue above the previous models while only adding a minor size increase.


Convection-heavy extraction housed in a durable body

The body of the Rogue is made from Kirksite alloy, which makes it very strong and durable. Compared to Healthy Rips’ other devices it is only a tiny bit larger, so it’s still very portable and pocketable, you won’t really notice the size increase unless you compare it side by side with the Edge. It measures in at 93mm x 58mm x 30mm, compared to the Edge which is 89mm x 51mm x 25mm, so not a big difference. It has really nice handfeel and a reassuring weight, it doesn’t feel flimsy or light, but it still remains very easy to take with you, the Rogue weighs 190g, while the Edge weighs 159g.

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The Rogue has a nice bright OLED screen which displays all relevant information, and everything is controlled with three buttons. The diameter of the chamber has been increased from the 11mm of the Edge to 13mm, meaning you can pack in a larger load and you won’t need to reload as often. You can fit about 0.225g in the chamber, compared to 0.2g in the Edge. 11mm vs 13mm doesn’t sound like much of a difference, but I definitely notice that the Rogue holds more flower.

The Rogue provides a very convection-heavy extraction, with a little bit of conduction mixed in, and it’s powered by an upgraded stainless steel heater to effectively heat that new larger chamber. The airpath is made from stainless steel and glass, so it has a pure pathway for your extraction to pass through, which you always want to see.

Included with the Rogue is a good number of accessories, it comes with a charging cable, a cleaning kit, a replacement screen and o-ring set, the accessory attachment, a black glass mouthpiece, as well as the smell cover. One great detail is that the accessory attachment is the same diameter as the one for the Edge, meaning you can use any accessories you attached to your Edge with the new Rogue. The Rogue has its own dosing capsules which are great, you can’t use the Rogue dosing capsules in the Edge, but you can use the Edge’s dosing capsules in the Rogue, they’ll just rattle around a bit.


I got 24 sessions from a single full battery charge

The Rogue has a class A lithium polymer battery that charges via USB-C, and it has even faster USB-C charging than the Edge. Compared to the 2300mAh battery of the Edge, the Rogue has a 3000mAh battery which provides a dramatic increase in battery life. Charging via USB-C means that you can charge this one on the go from a battery bank, which is always a handy feature. Healthy Rips rate the charging time at 75 to 90 minutes, but it will depend on what you have it plugged into.

While I was testing the battery I counted the number of sessions that I could get at 380°F from a full battery charge. I was able to get 24 sessions from a single battery charge, but your mileage will vary depending on how long your sessions are and what temperature you are using it at. Healthy Rips rate the battery at 85 to 100 minutes of use per full charge, overall I was super impressed with the battery life that I was getting.

One new feature is that when the device is turned off, pressing the power button once will display your remaining battery life, I found this to be a really handy feature, avoiding the need to turn on the heater just to get a quick reading.

Healthy Rips say the Rogue has a 25 second heat-up time, but I found it was usually even faster than that, closer to 20 seconds, and producing a visible extraction from the first hit.

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An adjustable temperature range between 140°C and 220°C

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To turn the device on, click the power button three times and it will vibrate as it comes to life. The screen will display your set temperature, which is retained from whatever you had it set at during your last session, and then it will automatically start heating up to that temperature. It has an adjustable temperature range between 140°C (280°F) and 220°C (430°F) which is adjusted by pressing the up and down buttons.

If you hold the power button for three seconds it will flip the orientation of the screen, in case you prefer to look at it from the opposite side than the default setting. Holding the power and minus buttons for two seconds it will switch the temperature display between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Holding the power and plus buttons allows you to set the auto shut-off timer, which ranges from three to eight minutes and is adjusted in 30 second increments. If you finish your session before the auto shut-off it’s a good idea to just turn the device off manually to save on battery life and increase the overall efficiency you get, to turn it off just click the power button three times and it’ll shut down.

When loading flower into the Rogue you’ll want to load the chamber to capacity, but do not pack it down. With convection devices you’ll get the best performance from a loose pack, and I also find that a loose pack negates the need to stir it at all.

If you’d rather use the accessory attachment than the default mouthpiece, just pop the mouthpiece off (which I do find difficult with the Rogue when compared to the older devices) and then put the accessory mount in its place. You can use a water pipe adapter, a glass mouthpiece, or even a little bubbler directly with it. I really like this design, it makes it super easy to switch out accessories.


A real heavy hitter, especially for its size

The flavour you get from the Rogue is excellent, the stainless steel heater, bowl, and glass airpath mean that you’re getting an uncoloured flavour profile that is really heavy on the terps with your first few hits. When you use it at lower temperatures it’s very smooth, but when you turn it up it’s definitely going to make you cough with the volume of the extraction that it pumps out. This device reminds me of the Crafty+, a few of the big effortless hits will definitely satisfy.

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One thing I love about this device is the extremely low draw resistance. Some devices have an almost milkshake-like draw that people really don’t like, the Rogue is pretty much the exact opposite, the airflow is free and you can really draw on it any way you like.

Being a primarily convection powered device, the effects are nice and strong. The low draw resistance, impressive cloud output, and convection heating make the Rogue a real heavy hitter, especially for its size.


Solid efficiency, easy to clean

I really like how vaporizers in general are becoming much faster at heating up, as it gives a huge boost to the convenience factor. The Rogue heating up in around 20 seconds means it’s easy to bust out a quick session whenever you want to.

The efficiency is really solid, especially if you bump your temperature up, you can really extract everything available in your material, it outputs so much vapour that I often only need three or four hits per session as that is enough. In terms of Healthy Rips’ entire lineup though, I think I’m probably getting the least efficiency from the Rogue simply because I tend to change out my bowl when the flavour is gone, because I’m a flavour snob. Because of the larger bowl I replace the flower a little prematurely when the flavour is gone, but if you want to keep hitting it after the flavour is gone it will absolutely extract everything that’s in there.

Cleaning is pretty easy, take a q-tip soaked in iso, turn the device upside down, and give the bowl a good swabbing, making sure to let it dry before you turn it upright again. I use a tool to remove any material that gets stuck in the side, and I take the mouthpiece apart to give the components a really quick 30 second shake in isopropyl alcohol, rinse them well, and then let them dry. The entire Healthy Rips lineup is pretty easy to maintain, and the more regularly you do it the easier it will be.

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The first thing I love is not only the volume, but also the quality of the extraction. With the primarily convection heating you get fantastic flavour, really strong effects, and coupled with the super low draw resistance it’s a really pleasant device to hit

It’s an easy unit to operate. Most people find a temperature that they like the best and stick with it, when you use the Rogue that way, literally all you need to do is click the button three times, wait until it vibrates, and then go ahead and rip it however you want. It’s really nice to see devices that don’t have a huge learning curve or require a lot of technique.

The battery life is impressive, and the adjustable session timer means you can have up to eight minute sessions, although with the amount of vapour it pumps out I tend to do much shorter ones myself, but the longer timer is great for group use.

I like the efficiency of the design, and what I mean by that is that they are intelligently improving upon a proven design. Companies often add new features and accessories that you’ll never use or don’t really care about, but the Rogue pretty much does the opposite of that. It’s also great that it’s compatible with all of your Edge accessories, rather than each new model necessitating its own accessories.


The first thing I would like to see improved is the gap between the main body and the exterior of the unit. It’s big enough that little bits of flower or even some bigger bits can get in there, especially if you’re loading without a funnel, and it can be tricky to fish them out.

Maybe I just haven’t found the trick yet, but I find the stock mouthpiece really hard to remove, it isn’t much bigger than the Edge’s mouthpiece, but with the difference in the shape I find it difficult to get enough torque on the mouthpiece to get it off. I always feel like I’m going to break it. I don’t have any difficulty at all with any of the mouthpieces on the accessory mount, just the stock mouthpiece.

I think the temperature calibration may be a bit understated on the device. It’s either putting out amounts of vapour I’ve never seen before at lower temperatures, or it’s just displaying a temperature a little bit lower than what it’s actually running at. Not a huge deal, I would just recommend starting at maybe 10° lower than what you’re used to consuming at.


A high-quality and powerful device, at a solid price point

Overall I think Healthy Rips have done a really good job with the Rogue. It is definitely an improved Edge, so if you already have an Edge it’s not an essential upgrade, but when you put the two side-by-side I think you will appreciate every improvement that they made with this new device. It’s a super easy-to-use unit, with excellent airflow that requires very little technique and gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how you can use it, while providing massive and super flavourful extraction.

The Healthy Rips Rogue is a high-quality and powerful device, at a solid price point for the level of performance that it offers. If you are a fan of the Fury 2, the Edge, or the Planet of the Vapes One, I think you will like the Rogue a lot. I’ll definitely be pulling it out regularly in the future.

Check out and to find the Rogue and its accessories, and be sure to visit our review section where you can find all of our video and written reviews.

Thanks so much for reading and watching guys, I really appreciate it.

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The Rogue by Healthy Rips

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