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Hey guys, it’s Sneaky Pete here with a quick look at the new Pordebowl from Oldhead Trading Company. Oldhead make some very cool stuff, we’re big fans of their Gentleman Pipe for DynaVap, I’ve also seen a few concepts they hope to release in the future that are just as awesome.

The Pordebowl is a simple but well executed concept, it’s an air-tight portable debowler, designed to go along with you on all of your adventures, but it’s also a super useful tool for use at home as your main debowler. If you’re not familiar with the concept of a debowler, it’s a purpose built tool, designed specifically to help unload your device after you use it and then hold onto your ABV.


Food safe plastic and an air-tight seal

The Pordebowl is available in either green or black, and the body is made from a food safe plastic, so you can feel comfortable keeping your ABV in there for later consumption. Do keep in mind that this is a debowler and not an ashtray, so don’t be putting a cherry from a joint in here or you could damage the plastic.

Right in the centre of the Pordebowl’s lid is an authentic DynaMag that will hold your DynaVap very securely, it’s also the perfect place to cool it down in between hits. Simply flip the lid upside-down so the magnet is pointing upwards and you’ve got a DynaVap station for your session.

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It feels like a solid and well-made product, when you remove the lid there is some resistance due to the fact that the lid forms an airtight seal with a silicone o-ring. It’s not hard to get the lid off and on, but the resistance is nice reassurance that the lid isn’t going to randomly come loose in your pocket or bag, as long as you’ve put it on properly.

Inside the main body, you’ll notice a central post which has a little piece of metal sticking out, this is your debowling tool. Surrounding the central post is the large ABV reservoir, with the generous capacity here you’ll be able to use it for many days or even weeks worth of sessions before you need to empty it.


No matter how deep your setup is, this will empty it

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To convert the Pordebowl from travel mode to debowler mode, all you need to do is remove the lid, wiggle out the debowling tool, turn it around so the pokey side is sticking up, and then gently press it back into the plastic sheath. One thing that is very important with this debowler is to not force the tool in there. It’s designed to be inserted with gentle pressure, if you really shove it in there it can end up getting a bit stuck and you might need some pliers to pull it out, but with a normal amount of pressure that isn’t going to happen.

When it’s in debowler mode this tool is ideal for emptying out whichever device, stem, or accessory you’re using. The tool has a nice point but it’s not actually sharp, so you don’t need to worry about scratching yourself with it. It tapers down a good length before it meets up with the plastic, so no matter how deep your setup is, this will definitely let you empty it properly.

When you are done with your session and ready to go back into travel mode, simply remove your debowling tool and then drop it into the central post, rather than pressing or forcing it in there. That’s going to give you enough clearance to close the lid properly, and avoid any chance of it getting stuck, so just let gravity do the work.


Stirring, tamping, and DynaVap maintenance

Aside from acting as a debowler, the sharp end of the debowling tool also makes a perfect stirring tool, you can stir even the smallest load with this because it comes to that nice fine point. Stirring your bowl between sessions is always a good idea as it helps get you the most efficiency and flavor from each load.

When you turn the debowler spike around to the flat end you’ve got a tamping tool you can use to gently press down on your load to get a nice even surface. Tamping your bowl down can help get you the best performance from your device, as the heated air is going to pass through a uniform surface instead of peaks and valleys. So before you start your session and especially in between sessions after you stir it, give your load a gentle tamping for improved results.

Another useful function that it serves is to help remove or replace the CCD into your DynaVap. The size of the flat end will fit perfectly into your DynaVap tip, so this is good for pressing the CCD down to the lowest position. It’s especially useful for using the adjust-a-bowl feature and getting your CCD into those mid range positions, which can be much trickier. If you’re looking to pop out your CCD, just press the pointy end down through the tip and the CCD will pop right out.

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The overall size and function of the Pordebowl makes it a really handy tool for almost any user. If you find yourself doing a lot of outdoor sessions and you’re someone who likes to save your ABV, this is going to be an ideal accessory and you’re going to want to bring it along for every session.

If you are like me and your main usage takes place at home it’s still a useful tool, I carry it around the house with me when I’m having sessions, saving me from needing to take trips to my main vape station every time I need to empty my load.

I really like the multi-purpose nature of the debowling tool, it’s really handy to have a tool for stirring, tamping, and DynaVap maintenance while you’re on the go. I’m sure there are a bunch of other possible uses that I haven’t thought of too.

I’m really impressed with the build quality and the airtight seal, there’s no chance this thing is coming open unless you want it to, and it feels like a well-built accessory that should last you a long time.


The plastic used picks up fingerprints like crazy, but it’s pretty easy to give it a shine with your shirt or something like that. Not a huge deal, but it is something to be aware of.

The metal tool is very easy to get in and out, as long as you do not apply too much pressure. If you do push it down into the plastic with your finger, it can get stuck in there and you will need a set of pliers to remove it. It takes a lot of pressure to get to that point, but while I was testing it out I did get it stuck and needed to use pliers to pull it out.

Finally, for some people this just won’t be a super useful accessory because some people don’t save their ABV and have no problem just emptying their device onto the ground. If you don’t save your ABV this probably isn’t a product for you.


The perfect travel debowler

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Overall I think Oldhead have done a great job with the Pordebowl. It’s a highly functional debowler that is perfect for taking anywhere thanks to that super secure airtight seal. I really like the inclusion of an authentic DynaMag on top, DynaVaps are some of my most used devices, so having a cooling and storage area is always appreciated. The debowling tool does a great job with the debowling, but it’s also very handy to have during mobile sessions for tamping, CCD placement, or stirring your bowl. If you’re looking for a debowler I think you’ll like this one, and if you’re looking for a travel debowler then this is going to be the perfect solution for you.

Thanks so much for reading guys, I really hope you enjoyed this look at the new Pordebowl from Oldhead Trading Company.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky.

Pordebowl Travel Debowler

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