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The Fury Edge is one of our bestselling pocket-sized vaporizers here at the Great White North Vaporizer Company. Engineered by Healthy Rips, it’s a tough and compact dry herb vape device that gives you a smooth, clean vaping experience. It’s essentially an improved Fury 2 model, with 40% more battery capacity, a longer session countdown, faster USB-C charging, and a fully isolated stainless-steel air-path (including the heating element and mesh screen). This portable vaporizer allows for multiple accessory attachments to give you more vaping options and features an OLED screen so you can easily customize the temperature.

The Fury Edge: What’s Included

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The Fury Edge is a portable convection vape made from that same Kirksite alloy that Healthy Rips uses in its other vapes, so the Edge is very tough. It looks almost identical to its sister, Fury 2, except it’s 1cm taller and it has an updated accessory attachment.

When you buy the Fury Edge, you get the device itself, a protective cover, a glass mouthpiece, an attachment for glass accessories, a mouthpiece accessory, a USB-C cord, a stainless steel pad for concentrates, an extra O-ring and screen set, a cleaning tool and wax, a cleaning brush, tweezers, and a user manual.

Battery Life and Heat Up

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One of the most requested improvements to the Fury 2 was extra battery life, and Healthy Rips delivered. With a mighty 2300mAh battery, it’s 40% greater than that of the Fury 2. The Fury Edge also uses USB-C charging, which is faster and more reliable than micro-USB.

You won’t be able to vape while the device is charging, but the USB-C charging will get you back on your vibe in no time. The heat-up time is very fast at around 20 seconds, give or take depending on your desired temperature.

How to Use a Fury Edge

Like Healthy Rips’ other vaporizers, the Fury Edge has a straightforward three-button operation: one power button, and two up/down temperature buttons. To turn it on, click the power button three times. It will vibrate once to let you know it’s warming up, and again when it’s ready to use. A third vibration signals the auto shut-off and it’s starting to cool down; if you haven’t finished you can always power it back on for another round.

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The Edge automatically shoots for the last temperature you used, and you can adjust this anytime from 320-430°F (160-220°C). The display shows the target temperature, the actual temperature, and the battery level. When it reaches the target temperature, a 5-minute session countdown begins.

You can flip the screen with a click of the power button, depending on which orientation you prefer to hold the vape. Remove the mouthpiece by pressing it outwards to reveal the bowl and heating chamber below. The Edge bowl holds around 0.2g and I recommend using finely ground herb, packing the bowl full but not tight for the best results. If you want a finer grind, try turning your grinder upside down while grinding. This keeps the herb in the teeth longer and results in a finer, more even grind.

Once you’ve loaded the bowl, just pop the attachment on, followed by your accessory of choice. This could be a direct mouthpiece, water piece adapter, or even a bubbler. The conveniently sized vape fits nicely in your hand and with its protective cover on, there is almost zero odor, making it very discrete.

Flavor with The Fury Edge

The taste from the Fury Edge is really clean, especially with the glass mouthpiece, and the pure stainless steel airpath doesn’t affect the flavor at all. Burn off isn’t really needed out of the box, but if you want to perform a burn off the instruction manual will show you how.

I recommend keeping the Edge around 365°F (185°C) when not using a water piece, and bumping this up to 395°F (200°C) with a water piece to produce large, satisfying clouds. A long, slow, deep inhale will produce the thickest vapor. Although the Fury Edge has great airflow so you can really rip it, don’t forget to increase that temp a little in anticipation.

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Efficiency and Cleaning

The Edge gives you good mileage out of your herb, especially with a halfway stir. You can get two complete sessions per bowl before repacking. The accessory attachment means you can even swap out accessories mid-session.

Cleaning is straightforward. Heat the vaporizer to its max temp, scrape the bowl if needed, and wipe the inside with a little alcohol (making sure not to get it in the device). Soak your attachments and mouthpieces in alcohol for five minutes max, then rinse and air dry thoroughly.

Strengths of The Fury Edge

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The Edge has many strengths–vibration alerts, fast heat-up, fast charging, long battery life, tasty vapor that’s not too harsh, and it’s affordable. 

  • Battery life: The increased battery life and super-fast USB-C charging really improve the entire experience of the Fury Edge, allowing your sessions to go hard.

  • Interchanging accessories: Another great feature is you can easily fit all kinds of accessories onto the water pipe adapter, giving you greater diversity and personalization of your vaping experience.

  • Discrete: The small size of the Fury Edge makes it a discrete, pocket-sized vape. Plus, with the mouthpiece covered you’ll keep the stank locked down and no-one’s the wiser.

Weaknesses of The Fury Edge

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There are still a few improvements that could be made to the Fury Edge:

  • Soft screen: The screen is so soft it’ll scratch if you say a curse word, so don’t sweat it when yours gets a little nicked. 

  • Not ideal for concentrates: While the Fury Edge comes with a concentrate pad, this vape is designed best for dry herb. If you want to use concentrates, I recommend sandwiching a micro amount of concentrate between two layers of herb. 

  • Built-in battery: Some users prefer a replaceable battery in their vaporizers, but the Fury Edge’s battery is non-replaceable. This is because it’s been customised by Healthy Rips to suit the design and can’t be swapped out for a generic type.

Overall Thoughts

The Fury Edge is a great vape for on the go, as well as at home. It’s a stealthy device that still packs some punch and produces some seriously tasty clouds.

In essence, the Fury Edge is about versatility. It’s a portable vaporizer that heightens numerous situations and leaves you wanting more. I think the Edge is a worthy upgrade from the Fury 2 and is sure to be a pleasing purchase.

Fury Edge by Healthy Rips

Fury Edge by Healthy Rips
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The Fury Edge, Accessory attachment, Mouthpiece with glass airpath, USB-C charger, Stainless-steel concentrate pad, Extra O-ring and screen, Cleaning tool, Brush, Tweezers, Silicone cover, Owners manual.