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     The Fury Edge is made by Healthy Rips, manufacturers of the Fury 2 and the Fierce.  It’s like its siblings in a lot of ways but has some key improvements that make it a great counterpart.


    The Fury Edge is primarily a convection vape made from that same Kirksite alloy Healthy Rips uses in its other vapes, so the Edge is very tough.  It looks almost identical to the Fury 2.  It’s about 1cm taller, and it has an updated accessory attachment.  Now you just load the bowl, pop on the attachment, and any accessory fits directly onto that.  The size is not too big or small, and the airpath is now 100% stainless steel from the heating element through the chamber and screen leading to a mouthpiece with an internal glass airway.

Battery Life/Charging/Heat Up Time

    The battery isn’t removable, but in the extra 1cm bulk from the Fury 2, they’ve been able to get another 40% battery capacity.  It’s now around 2300mAh - almost double with just a tiny bump in size.  Charging is now done through a USB-C cable and port, so juicing your Edge up is lightning fast compared to basic USB charging.  There is no pass-through use, but the faster charging will have you vaping again in no time.  Heating is very fast, around 20 seconds depending on the temperature setting.

How to Use

    Like Healthy Rips’ other vapes, The Edge has simple three-button operation.  A power button and temperature up and down buttons.  To turn it on, click the power button three times.  It will vibrate to let you know it’s on and warming up – no more coloured lights.  I prefer the haptic response. 

    The Edge automatically goes to your last temp, but the up/down buttons will adjust anywhere from 320F to 430F.  The display shows the set temp, the actual temp, and your battery level.  After it’s at temp a session countdown timer will begin (one full minute longer than the Fury 2’s) and the screen will flip if you hold the power button, so it’s viewable no matter how you like to use your Fury Edge.  The bowl holds around 0.2g and I like to go finely ground for best results. 

Vapour Quality (Taste, Smoothness, Size, Effects)

    The taste from The Edge is really clean, the pure stainless steel airpath doesn’t colour the flavour at all.  Burn off wasn’t really needed out of the box and there isn’t any metallic flavour.  It’s every bit as good as the Fury 2, maybe better with the glass stem.  The vapour is also smooth even with the basic setup, though I do prefer the glass stem when not going through water and I keep it around 365F. 

    At 395F in a water piece, it can produce some nice clouds and I find that hitting a bit slower works more effectively compared to the other Health Rips models.  The effects are powerful as they should be with convection-dominant vapes.  A couple of good water rips are usually enough.  A five-minute session does me right for a long while.


    The Edge will get good mileage out of your herb, especially with a stir.  I get two complete sessions per bowl before I’m changing it out.  It’s very easy to learn and use on a regular basis and the technique couldn’t be more convenient.  The new accessory attachment is a huge improvement for usability.  You can even swap out accessories mid-session if you want to.  Cleaning is straightforward – scrape the bowl if needed, a quick (five minutes max) alcohol bath, rinse and air dry for the attachment and mouthpieces, and you can swap out the stainless-steel screens if you want to.


    The increased battery life and super-fast USB-C charging really improve the entire experience.  As much as I love the Fury 2, its battery is lacking.  The Edge doesn’t share that problem, its battery is a real powerhouse.  The accessory attachment is much more functional for using a water pipe adapter than the Fury 2 was.  It’s also open to outside developers, so third-party accessories are a possibility.  The Edge has many strengths – vibration, quick heat up, quick charging, long battery life, tasty vapour that’s not too harsh, it’s even affordable.  There isn’t much lacking about The Edge and hopefully, it shares the long-term reliability and success that the Fury 2 has enjoyed.


    The screen is so soft it’ll scratch if you say a curse word, so don’t even sweat it when yours gets a little nicked up.  I can also get better clouds from the Fury 2 through water because I have to slow the pace of my bong hits with The Edge.

Overall Thoughts

    The Edge is a worthy upgrade from the Fury 2.  The battery, stainless-steel airway and other improvements make an already good experience much better.  With the new included accessory attachment and a price of only $149US, the new Edge has potential to go far, and if I was just getting my first Healthy Rips vape, I’d go with this one over either of the others.

    The new Healthy Rips Fury Edge is available now at www.sneakypetestore.com and at www.vapenorth.ca.


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  • Posted by Shane Andersen on

    Hands down my favourite vaporizer! I’ve bought half a dozen machines in the last year since I took up vaping and this one, especially with the loading capsules, is just amazing. It’s the only machine I have that I use every day.

    For extra style/cooling I recommend the water pipe adapter with a J hook so you can rock the cyberpunk Gandalf pipe.

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