The FishBowl for DynaVap A Super Effective and Inexpensive DynaVap Water Setup | Product Demo

The Fishbowl is a cost-effective water piece designed to be used directly with any DynaVap tip. Adding water is a great way to cool down your hits and this is an awesome, affordable piece that fits perfectly with your DynaVap system.

We love the Fishbowl as it removes the need for an adapter to use a DynaVap tip through water. Simply place any tip and cap into the Fishbowl’s input and you have a stand-alone, water-cooling setup. Coupled with a stable base, you’re able to take that cooling anywhere you want to have a session. Measuring around 3” high, the fish-bowl section itself is roughly 2” across.

The downstem percolator terminates into a large reservoir which holds more water and provides more bubbling action than you’d expect. The Fishbowl features a carb hole on top of the round section, so you can easily clear your airpath, or feather the carb while in use to control airflow. Working well with a torch or induction heater, this is a super effective and inexpensive DynaVap water setup. Add the Fishbowl to your collection and reap the benefits.


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The Fishbowl for DynaVap

The Fishbowl for DynaVap
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