Sneaky Pete Vaporizers IH-80 Induction Heater For DynaVap - Product Demo | GWNVC's Vaporizer Reviews

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The IH-80 Induction Heater is amazing value for both the beginner and the seasoned vet. The IH-80 is designed for use with the entire DynaVap lineup and allows you to quickly heat up your device for consistent vaporization.

Not only is the IH-80 easy to use, but many consider induction heaters to be the preferable method of heating rather than using a torch. When using a torch, it can be more difficult to dial in the exact same hit every time, and you always run the risk of combustion, while with the IH-80 Induction Heater those issues are virtually eliminated. Also, it’s easier to hear that familiar DynaVap click when you don’t have the noise of a torch behind it.

The first hit will produce peak flavor consumption, while the second session, when completed shortly after the DynaVap has cooled down, will provide a significantly higher amount of vapor; so you can have whichever session style you prefer.

A really attractive entry point to the induction heating world, the IH-80 is a value driven heater that performs likes a champ – if you haven’t tried your DynaVap with an induction heater the IH-80 is the perfect way to start!

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