Glass Globe Cage by Simrell Unique & Functional | Detailed Review

Hey guys, it’s Sneaky Pete here and today I want to show you a product that I am really excited about. This is something that a lot of you have been asking about for quite some time and I’m super happy to say it’s finally here, the new Simrell Cage with the Smoked Sneaky Pete Globe.


A beautiful and secure base for your Globe

The Simrell Cage is a totally unique product, I have never seen anything like it before, but when Austyn Simrell showed me the initial version, which you saw in my videos, I immediately thought it was a fantastic idea. I was surprised that nobody had already come up with something like this, as it seems like something that should have been created a long time ago, it just makes sense.

The Globe Cage creates a super secure and heavy duty base for your Globe, making it virtually impossible to accidentally move around or knock off the table, even if you’re using the whip. It also makes a great centrepiece for your battle station, it looks beautiful and it is engineered with an insane degree of quality and precision. Simrell has absolutely knocked it out of the park with the work he’s done here.

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Raw aluminium and rubber encase the Globe

The Cage is made from raw aluminum and it looks absolutely stunning. There’s no glue or anything like that used on this piece, the posts are held firmly in place by hex bolts on the bottom. It even includes four stick-on feet you can put on the bottom, in case you want to keep it off of a surface. The top piece is secured to the posts with four hand screws, which makes it really easy to take off and put back on, meaning it’s a breeze to remove the Globe for cleaning or water replacement.

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This thing has some serious heft to it, the Cage by itself weighs in at about 425 grams (0.95 pounds), so once you add the water filled Globe this thing isn’t going anywhere, unless you want it to. The Cage is about 8.9 cm tall (3.5 inches) and on the top is a magnet polarized to securely hold your Dynavap, it’s pressure fitted so you won’t need to worry about glue loosening over time, it’s very securely in there. Because of all of the metal used in the construction of the Cage, any tip sitting on this magnet will cool down super fast.

The Globe sits on a rubber pad, so it’s not touching any metal. The pad is also pressure fitted in here, but can easily be removed if you want to clean your Cage. There is a piece of pressure fitted rubber in the top plate as well, along with a little cut which accommodates the 14mm mouthpiece joint. No part of the Globe will touch the metal, yet it’s totally secure in there.

On both of the top surfaces you’ll notice the awesome spiral patterns, if you’re in a pinch to hypnotize somebody this might do the trick (especially if they’ve just taken a few big lungfuls of vapor!). The design plays in the light and the whole rig looks fantastic on your vape station.


A unique Globe with a selection of included accessories

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To go with this gorgeous Cage we’ve made a special limited edition Smoked Sneaky Pete Globe, along with smoked glass hardware. You get a beautiful dark transparent Globe, a matching mouth piece that contains multiple glass cooling nipples, and a whip that has both a 14 mm adaptor as well as a mouthpiece in the same smokey glass. This dark glass makes the bright aluminium of the Cage really pop visually.

To go along with this beautiful and unique Globe, a pass-through adaptor is also included. This is a must have accessory in my opinion and I use it with virtually every glass piece that I own. As its name would suggest, the pass-through adapter is a 14mm to 14mm adaptor, so it doesn’t change the size of the joint, what is does do however, is give you a higher vantage points to insert your vaporizer which can make it easier to use in certain setups. On the side of the adaptor there is also a 10mm joint, with an included glass stopper. If you want to go extra hard this joint will perfectly fit a 2020 M for example, so you can easily double up on your vape game. It’s also really handy to remove the stopper and use it as a carb hole, it saves you the hassle of removing your vaporizer every time to clear the Globe.

Finally, it also includes a Simrell Titanium Crafty/Mighty Adapter, enabling you to use your Vortex or DynaVap stem (including glass stems) on a Crafty or Mighty. Or you can place the adapter into the end of the whip, instead of the glass mouthpiece, and use your stems on the end of your whip. This can give you improved mouth feel and added functionality, but it also adds even more cooling to the set-up, as you’re increasing the thermal mass and the air-path length.


A next level idea with construction to match

When I first received my prototype of the Simrell Cage I immediately fell in love with it and it has been one of my most used water pieces ever since. I really like the extra peace of mind that the Cage gives me when I’m using the glass. You shouldn’t expect to be able to drop this on the floor and have the glass come out unscathed, but it is an extra level of protection and the weight of the Cage means that it’s a lot less likely to be dropped in the first place. I love the extra weight as I can use my whip ad nauseam and the glass piece will not move around at all.

The quality of the materials and construction on the Cage is something that you really need to handle for yourself to fully appreciate, these things are absolutely rock solid. Simrell has a proven track record of very high quality products and it’s easily apparent that a ton of thought, time, and craftsmanship has gone into the Cage.

The integrated DynaVap magnet on the top is an excellent idea, and the included pass-through adaptor and titanium adaptor mean you have everything that you could possibly need for a completely unique and premium water pipe experience.

I couldn’t be happier with how the Simrell Cage with the Smoked Sneaky Pete Globe has turned out. They are now available from the Simrell collection, as well as on, and we hope to have them on soon, but in the meantime if you buy one of these from our Canadian website we will ship down to the United States for free.

Thanks so much for checking out the Simrell Cage and I hope you dig it as much as I do.


The Simrell Cage w/ Smoked Sneaky Pete Globe

The Simrell Cage w/ Smoked Sneaky Pete Globe
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