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Puffco Peak | True Dabbing Without A Torch, Future Dabs | Sneaky Pete's Vaporizer Reviews

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The Puffco Peak wants to replace your dab rig, and they certainly present a compelling case with the Peak.Β  It's not a vape pen, it's not just another enail, it really is the first electronic rig I've used that can replace your dab rig.Β  The experience is dead simple and infinitely repeatable, hit after hit delivers ultra tasty and powerful vapour with the click of a button.Β  The flavour is hard to beat, and the device looks striking in the home, a truly iconic design.Β  But will it be a good choice for everyone?Β  What are the tradeoffs compared to a traditional rig?Β  Join me as I answer these questions and many more!

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