The Puffco Peak Pro Easy, Effective & Pricey Concentrate Vape | Sneaky Pete Review


Hey guys, Sneaky Pete here and today I want to show you the new Puffco Peak Pro. The Puffco Peak was a smart e-rig for concentrate came out in early 2018 and it was quite a ground-breaking product. There had been products that used this basic concept, but none that got it quite so good and looked as good doing it.

Since that time, a lot of competitors have joined the space and it’s become a lot more crowded. Puffco wants to re-establish their dominant position with this new model.

Puffco, in general, is a polarizing company. Some people are massive fans while other people seem to feel quite the opposite, but like always I’m going to give you guys my honest impressions of this product rather than the company, so let’s get into it.


The design of the Peak Pro is absolutely gorgeous, even when it’s turned off. The lines and angles on the device are just amazing, it truly looks like a high-end piece of gear. I always say that looks or a subjective thing, but honestly, I have a hard time believing anyone isn’t going to think this is a beautifully designed product.

The base on the Peak Pro is slightly larger than on the original Peak, but overall it is a very similarly sized device. The glass piece itself is bigger as you can see, and it does hold about double the amount of water when compared to the last one.

On the front, you’ll see they now have this button rather than just pressing the logo. The materials are different on it as well, I find the silicone pretty slippery and I wish they use something with a little bit more grip, but overall when it has water in it, it has a very good balance in the hand; they absolutely nailed the design of this.

Even though it’s slightly different, you can still use any glass top from the original Peak, so if you’ve invested in some cool glass you don’t need to worry about that moving forward to this new model.

The included case is also a nice upgrade, I always liked the case of the old Peak but this one is significantly better. It’s held together by magnets which are quite secure, but then the magnet also holds it open, so it sits flat like a book.

It also has these two good size storage compartments, in one you’ll see that you get a USB-C charging cable and a wall charger, as well as the carb cap sheath with a tether and one without, and storage for it all and more.


The atomizer has been completely redesigned, and it is now a closed system. What that means is you can no longer disassemble the atomizer to repair it, or to change the bowl from ceramic to anything else, and it also means you can no longer take out the ceramic bowl and torch it clean.

This isn’t going to make anybody who has spent a good amount of money on their inserts happy, or anyone who likes to upgrade or repair their coil, personally my main concern is not being able to torch my bowl clean. 

The atomizer has a different kind of connection and it seems a lot beefier overall. The ceramic bowl is 40% bigger, so if you like to do big dabs this is going to work out way better for you, just don’t overload it or it’s going to run down into your atomizer.

The atomizer now has three sensors built-in to it that continually monitor the temperature of your bowl, so if you use quite a large load or if you inhale hard versus slow, it does its best to maintain your set temperature regardless of the variables.

One thing I am a bit confused about is that Puffco said the original Peak was the first smart rig because it would maintain your temperature while you use it or between hits, so it doesn’t seem like this is a new feature as much as a better executed one.

The atomizer features this new oculus carb cap which snaps right into place. I do like this carb cap as you’re never going to lose or break it and it also has angled airflow so your terp pearls will work and spin in it, but I don’t find that I get any kind of a view into it like they show in their marketing videos.

It is a pretty deep and enclosed sort of space and the carb cap window is a lot smaller in diameter than the carb cap itself, so if you have really good lighting conditions or if you shine a light in there you definitely can see it.


The Peak Pro has a much-improved battery system, as you now get USB-C charging, which is going to charge your battery much faster, and then it also adds wireless charging.

This has worked with any wireless charger that I have tried so far, and they also sell the Peak power dock if you want to get their own branded wireless charger which has some unique features, but this adds $120 to an already $400 product.

I was initially so happy when I read that the Peak Pro has an auto sleep function, but this one still will not automatically turn itself off. I cannot fathom why they would not make it automatically turn itself off after an extended period of time, like 24 hours for example.

I know they want it to be able to connect to the app so Bluetooth has to be on, but you can still run into that situation where if you don’t turn it off, you’re going to come back to a dead battery after a while which is ludicrous to me.

They say an average of 30 dabs per battery charge, I got 24 dabs during my testing. I did not turn the device off in between hits as I expected that it would do that itself, but they have still not included that functionality with this new unit.

The heat up time is about 30 seconds to get to temperature and you’ll get this cool light show while it’s heating up, then a nice strong vibration motor will let you know when you’re ready to hit it.


If you do not want to use the app, you can completely use the Peak Pro without it. You are going to be limited by not being able to access many of the functions of the device, but if your phone dies for example, it’s no problem you are totally good to go.

I have an iPhone, and as you may know Apple does not allow any vaping sort of apps into the store. If you have an android you can just download the app directly, but if you do have an iPhone there is a bit of a workaround with having to download a different browser and then saving a homepage to your home screen, but honestly it was super simple and I’m amazed at how well it works, it is essentially no different than using an app.

After you sync the device, when you open the app, it will take you to this home screen. It shows you your battery level, your active profile, the current bowl temperature so you can see how fast it cools down, your average daily dabs and then your total dabs like in an odometer.

When you click heat profiles, this is where you can see what temperature the heat setting is, how long it is set to run for, as well as the light colour. You can save specific profiles in here if you want to have a specific run time and temperature, but I really like that you can adjust the colour of each setting as you really can personalize the device. If you don’t have an account, it won’t let you save settings in here, so keep that in mind.

On the home screen, if you click the control bars in the top right, it brings up the control centre. Here you can adjust the power level of your LEDs, you can turn on stealth mode and then only the logo on the back will light up when in use, and you can turn the device completely off, but then you will have to turn it back on from the device itself.

You can use ready mode if you have the wireless charging dock, which I do not, and then you could also set your boost mode which will add time, temperature or both to your session, then while you’re doing a dab, just double click to activate it.

The last thing you can do is lantern mode, which is a tonne of fun and something that you will actually probably go into the app to change, whereas with a lot of apps you initially set your vape up and then you never use it again.

When you go into lantern mode, you see a colour wheel come up and you have three options: the first one is pulse which will have the device pulse on and off in whatever colour you would like; the next one is wave mode which animates that colour from the bottom to the top of your device in a wave pattern; and then finally you have disco mode which is my favourite one by far, it just looks cool and it adds to the futuristic feel of it.

Overall, I think they did a great job with his app. I have definitely used it more than that initial set up. It’s great that you can start your rig up from across the room to run a session and by the time you get there it is heated up and ready to hit. I would love a way to enable one of the light settings from the device though, if you can turn on lantern mode directly from your Peak Pro that would be an improvement.


The Peak Pro itself is super easy to use, they design this so that somebody who has never used concentrate before can consistently get a very good hit starting from the very first one with no learning curve, and it’s hard to argue that they don’t achieve that here.

To turn the device on or off just hold the button and that will take care of either operation. To switch between temperatures just press the button and that is going to rotate between your temperatures.

Next, you’re going to want to load your dab in, and they specifically say to put it on the bottom rather than the side. With most consistencies of concentrate that I have used, I found this to be very difficult and so I just get it off my dabber in the bottom corner of a bowl and that has been working just fine.

After that, go ahead and secure your carb cap in place, and then when you’re ready to dab just double click it. It’s going to take about 30 seconds to heat up and then it will vibrate and notify you with lights that it’s ready to go, then just go ahead and hit it.

You can hit it hard or you can hit it light, it’s going to do a pretty good job at keeping up with the temperature no matter the size of your load or how you hit it. If you try to rip it too hard, then the vapor will be thinner. Overall, the device itself is dead simple to use, and it’s easy to replicate that same hit every time.


The consistency of the experience and the vapor quality in the Peak Pro are both very nice. That increased water level in this bubbler really makes a difference on how smooth it is, it still holds a lot less water than pretty much any other attachment you will use, but it’s a noticeable improvement.

If you want to turn the temperature up or extend the session time, you can definitely get some huge rips from it. Myself, I like to hit the smaller dabs on the cooler side, but it’s going to be able to take you which ever direction you like.

The taste, I have found to be good, but it’s not blowing my mind. In general, I don’t dab out of ceramic a lot anymore, I prefer quartz typically myself, but with this new atomizer you are locked into this ceramic bowl as you can’t change out the insert.

I don’t really think it’s noticeably inferior to my Mini-Nail or something like that for example, but choosing to go with this new atomizer style means you are married to the ceramic bowl so if you’re not a fan of ceramic, you may want to have a look at the original model as you can put in whatever insert you would like.


Overall, the Peak Pro is very efficient with your oil; you really don’t need much to get a good hit even with this larger bowl, which was a concern of mine. If you find a lot of left-over oil after use, just use a higher temperature, boost mode, or just a smaller amount if you find that it’s not getting fully consumed. 

To clean this glass piece, you’re just going to throw it in a baggie with high strength isopropyl alcohol, and you also do that with the atomizer as well. I know it seems weird with an atomizer, but just use really high strength stuff and it works fine. On the device itself, it has these airports and your vapor is traveling through silicone here, so although it works really well, I still think they could do some improvements on the directness of their air path. 

For day-to-day maintenance, here is my atomizer after about 80 dabs and all I have done is Q-tip in the bowl while it is still warm. This is before any sort of cleaning, so as long as you take care of it is atomizers seem much more solid than with the last batch. I have been dabbing this on pretty low temperatures and mine has stayed pretty clean, but when I dab flower rosin it gets it pretty dirty, so if you dab a lot of flower rosin, I would expect quite a different looking atomizer.


The Peak Pro is incredibly easy to use. Any beginner is going to have no problem with this device, which you can’t always say for concentrate vaporizers. The process is easy, it’s easy to clean, the addition of built in wireless charging is super handy, but even with the simplicity you are getting very high-quality hits which is very valuable to those new to concentrate or just want an ultra-easy experience. 

They really did an amazing job with the app, especially considering that for iPhone users it’s not actually an app but a web app. The main reason I like this app, though, is that I have actually come back and used it after my initial set up. I like to change the colours of my most used settings as I find I used one setting more often than not, and it’s cool to make that be the red colour for example but on a low temperature. 

Finally, the design of the Peak Pro is absolutely gorgeous. It just looks like one of the most futuristic products I’ve ever owned. When this device is on a desktop with the lights on and some water in it, it’s going to add visual beauty and interest to any table or desk. They charge a premium price for this product but when you look at it and handle it, it absolutely looks like it is worth the price, 10/10 for the design.


The first thing is the price, the Puffco Peak Pro is $400 US, and then if you want to use ready mode with the wireless charging dock that’s another $120. As the landscape is so different than when the original Peak came out and it really didn’t have any competitors, this seems like a high price, but I imagine it will probably come down to that $300 mark like the original Peak did. 

The fact that they still didn’t include an auto shut-off just boggles my mind. I have had a number of occasions where I pull out my Peak to use it and it’s dead, because I didn’t turn it off. I own a lot of vaporizers and I can’t think of any offhand that operate in the same way, I can’t imagine an argument why they wouldn’t make it automatically turn off after 48 hours for example so that if you don’t use it for a week you won’t come back to a dead device, disappointing decision on their part. 

Finally, I don’t like the fact that they switched to this closed atomizer system. Even if you don’t want to use a quartz or a high-end insert, it was nice to be able to take your ceramic bowl out of there to torch it to get it back to brand new clean. My atomizer is definitely wearing quite well, but I can’t think of any benefit I’m getting by not being able to remove it.


Overall, I think the new Puffco Peak Pro is a worthy successor to the original model. Though it looks similar at first glance, they have upgraded virtually every aspect of it, and then when you really look at the visual appeal of each of them, I think the new one is just in an entirely different class in terms of design.

It offers a super easy to use experience but then also a high level of customization when using the app. It is incredibly easy to use even for a beginner, and it helps to make concentrates very approachable.

It comes in at a very expensive price though as you can find a reasonably similar experience from a much less expensive device, but this is truly the premium choice and it is priced as such.

I would like to see them release another version of the atomizer that allows you to remove the ceramic bowl as people could both create inserts for it but at the very least torch their bowl clean, and I seriously want to see an option in the software that allows me to enable an auto turn off function.

They could even make it an optional thing built into the app after the fact, it is crazy they didn’t. But overall, I think anybody who spends the money on one of these is going to be very happy with their device; it’s definitely going to be a heavily used one for me and a pretty impressive overall vaporizer.

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