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Pass-Through Adapter

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The Pass-Through is a unique adapter with a variety of uses. It features 14mm female to 14mm male pass-through adapter, with an added 10mm female adapter on the side. This multi-function adapter lets you: use the adapter as is with any 14mm male adapter, or leave the 10mm adapter wide open by removing the included 10mm glass stopper to allow for more airflow, or you can feather your finger on and off the 10mm adapter, acting as a carb to clear your water piece without needing to remove your vape from the adapter, a huge benefit for any water vaper! The Pass-Through Adapter also lets you use anything with a 10mm male joint at the same time for simultaneous double vaporizer use. Use any 10mm male adapter or banger, or easily add the power of a DynaVap M 2020 to your session. Adding another vape will increase the punch tremendously, a must for experienced vapists.

Infinitely useful, the Pass-Through Adapter is an adapter that everyone who vapes through water will benefit from.

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