OmniVap 2021 by DynaVap Beautiful New Design, Inside & Out | Detailed Review

Hey guys, it’s Sneaky Pete here and today I want to show you the brand new DynaVap OmniVap 2021 portable vaporizer. The last OmniVap model has been out for a few years by now, so this updated redesign has been a long time coming. This is DynaVaps flagship product so they have taken that long time to exhaustively rework the design from top to bottom. Let’s start at the top and take a look.


The totally redesigned tip creates a complex airflow pattern

The OmniVap 2021 includes a stainless steel captive cap, it attaches securely to the tip and is the only part of the vaporizer made from stainless steel, the rest is made from titanium. Removing the cap reveals the totally redesigned tip, you’ll notice at the very end of the tip it has nine notches, each of which is one of three different lengths. These varying lengths create a complex airflow pattern which directs air through all of the flower in the bowl more thoroughly.

module image

DynaVap tips are great for just pushing directly into a piece of flower to cut out a bowl load, no grinding required, that function remains alive and well here. Inside the tip is the adjust-a-bowl with three capacity options, great for reducing to microdose level or expanding to go for broke. When changing the bowl size make sure you adjust the CCD position moving from the bottom upwards, rather from the top down, this is the easiest way to lock it into position.

The outside of the tip has been re-designed to create more surface area, this extra surface preheats the air more efficiently before it hits your flower. It also reduces the amount of force needed to twist the cap off, so it’s not a jerky movement like with previous models, gently pull up with a little twist and it comes off very smoothly, so it won’t disturb your load.

module image

The lower half of the tip has a cool geometric nine fin pattern, this creates even more surface area and cooling. You’ll also notice that there are only two o-rings instead of the usual four, this is a welcome change because having less o-rings makes it a little easier to maintain. When placing the tip into the body you’ll notice that it kind of clicks into place, it’s a nice tactile confirmation and goes in very easily.


Beautiful form, intelligent function

The updated body design of the OmniVap 2021 is absolutely beautiful. The border between the tip and the upper body of the device almost disappears as it looks like the body morphs or pixelates into the fins of the tip. Rather than having a mirror-like polished finish, this model has a matte finish on the titanium, it gives it a classy high-end sort of look and also means it’s going to show less fingerprints and scratches, keeping that brand-new sheen for longer.

Moving down a bit further we come to the rotation ring which is surrounded by the control canyons. This area helps with a few different things, it's a really obvious tactile alignment indicator to let you know where your fingers are on the device and it also helps to keep the device in place while you’re rotating it. While rotating the OmniVap your fingers will naturally want to move upwards on the body, the control canyons help to keep them in place, especially if you grip it tightly.

Below the rotation ring are the twin turbulating offset airports, these are essentially the single airport of the original OmniVap which have been split into two. As you rotate the device back-and-forth your finger will uncover each airport at different times, meaning you get a multi-directional airflow pattern, rather than a simple on and off pattern. Opposite the airports is the rocker, this has been designed to work in conjunction with the airport section to create a sort of saddle, meaning your fingers are naturally going to find this indented part of the device.

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Drastically different compared to the old model

The condenser of the 2021 OmniVap is drastically different compared to the old model, DynaVap calls it a helical heat exchanging condenser. It creates more turbulence to break up the straight laminar airflow, this works with the airports to provide better heat exchange between the incoming dilution air and the vapor, meaning you get better cooling and smoother hits.

module image

There’s a section of the condenser which screws in and out, this gives you the adjustable airflow that the OmniVap range is known for. This allows you to adjust the air-to-vapor ratio or even set up the perfect amount of airflow for airport-free usage. There are a few different ways to approach the adjustable airflow, so it’s something you’ll want to spend some time experimenting with to find your ideal set-up. For more detail on this process please watch the video review above.


Stands head and shoulders above the last model

There are some amazing updates here, and I really like the extra length of the OmniVap compared to other torch based portable vaporizers like the DynaVap M. The adjustable airflow is an amazing feature and I really like that it allows hands-free use, but no matter how you use it you’re going to benefit from the feature.

DynaVap have clearly put a lot of time and thought into this redesign. I think it stands head and shoulders above the last model and it was well worth the wait. I hope you guys enjoyed the look at the new OmniVap, keep an eye out for reviews on the rest of DynaVap‘s new lineup coming soon.


OmniVap 2021 by DynaVap

OmniVap 2021 by DynaVap
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