Micro Bandit Orion Edition Sneaky Pete Product Demo

We love integrating water pieces into our setups, and the DynaVap series is one of our favorites to enhance with water cooling. Enter the Micro Bandit Orion Edition. Measuring in at just under 6”, the expanded size compared to our original Micro Bandit provides even more effective water cooling thanks to the extra capacity and surface area.

The Micro Bandit Orion Edition is designed to fit perfectly into the storage spot in the case that comes with the Orion Portable Induction Heater. The Micro Bandit is a great 10mm water tool for anyone using vapes like the 2020 M, and if you own an Orion, it’s absolutely essential. When added to the 2020 M it creates a simple hands-free solution and provides a massive reduction in harshness compared to using it dry.

The Micro Bandit Orion Edition: don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

Great Lakes Micro Bandit Orion Edition

Great Lakes Micro Bandit Orion Edition
$32.97 CAD
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