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    The Fury 2 is a tiny convection/conduction hybrid vaporizer from Healthy Rips.  Before use charge it up for a full two hours.  The manual says to not use it while charging.  Like all vapes, be sure to do a full burn-off before using it, this one recommends a higher temperature for four minutes.  We did a few cycles of this and then wiped it down with some isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip.  You can always vape a phantom bowl with your ABV which will really help clear off any remaining residues. 


    The Fury 2 is super small and compact, just 2” x 1” x 3” and weighing 5oz.  The body has a rubberized finish, which isn’t ideal.  But the unibody is metal so it’s light and strong.  The battery is not changeable.  The mouthpiece is plastic, a little wider than seems necessary, and it gets a bit hot though that tends to happen with vapes this size.


    The water pipe adapter (highly recommended) is super easy to load and the bowl is remarkably small yet still enough for 2-3 good hits, like an Arizer stem.  Loading the vape itself isn’t the easiest thing to do without making a mess but using a funnel (get yours here, or here makes it much easier.  Fill it up nice and full, but don’t pack it down too tight, you want the convection heating to still function well.


    Click the button three times to turn it on, and it’ll start heating up to your last temp.  Red LEDs mean it’s heating up and green means it’s at the desired temperature.  Use the small buttons for up and down and single-degree temperature control ranging from 320F to 430F.


    You can engage stealth mode (for the LEDs) by holding it for three seconds.  You can change from Celsius to Fahrenheit by holding the top and bottom buttons for two seconds.  The screen shows the battery life, temperature and a countdown timer which doesn’t seem like it can be changed and turns off kind of fast.  There’s no beep or vibration so if you forget you started the sesh you’ll have to re-engage.


    The heat up time is really fast with the Fury 2.  It’s just about 20 seconds, and vapour is almost ready right when it says it’s warmed up to temperature.  Consider giving it about another ten seconds to start throwing off that thick vapour.


    The Healthy Rips Fury 2 is very small, heats up really fast and the vapour is ready to go almost right when the vape says it’s at temperature.  The battery life is pretty good as well.  Flavour is good but not amazing.  It’s pretty smooth without water but it does get warm.  However, pair this little guy up with a nice water piece like our Predator (get one here, or here and you’ll see the Fury 2 in a different light.  It really is a beast at higher temps through water.  All in all, a great deal, especially considering it’s currently under $140USD.  



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