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Fury 2

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Fur 2 Water Pipe Adapter

🇺🇸 - http://bit.ly/2Du3DuH

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Super Weapon 2 Grinder

🇨🇦 - http://bit.ly/2AmfSUL

🇺🇸 - http://bit.ly/2DpS0kB

Sneaky Pete Globe/C-150

🇺🇸 - http://bit.ly/2u4JNwX

🇨🇦 - http://bit.ly/2wgDoRC

The Fury 2 by Healthy Rips is a super portable convection/conduction hybrid that heats up really quickly and produces a ton of vapour!  The operation is very simple via a screen based menu and 3 buttons, and the vapour is ready to go as soon as the LEDs turn green.  The mouthpiece has more plastic than I would like and it tends to get warm with extended use, but I highly recommend getting the Water Pipe Adapter as the Fury 2 is an absolute beast through water, all at an entry level price!  Join me as I delve into the device and show you what it's all about!

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