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    The Flip Brick 2019 Edition by Sticky Brick Labs has been updated based on customer feedback.  The original Flip Brick came out in 2017, and while it was their smallest model, it was also the most difficult to use.  You could get some great hits from it, but the technique required a lot more practice and skill than any of the other Bricks.  This new model has taken the criticisms to heart and made a lot of improvements.


    The Flip Brick 2019 Edition is an on-demand, full convection, butane powered vaporizer that’s designed to be used with a water piece or J-hook.  It comes with a 14mm and 18mm male adapter to work with water tools.  It is slightly larger than the previous version, but still the smallest Sticky Brick.  The body is a bit taller and the intake is longer.  The new body/intake make the airpath longer, and with the included restrictor disc it makes the experience much better right out of the gate.  The body is held together by magnets, the top rotates to the side to load, and it separates into two parts.  To switch from loading/storage to use, just flip the side around and it’s ready to use with your favourite water piece.

How to Use

    A new restrictor disc is pre-installed in your Flip Brick 2019 Edition, and I recommend leaving it in for at least your first few bowls.  The restrictor discs are like training wheels for your Flip Brick - they help you learn technique without combusting.  I leave mine in as they really limit scorching and not performance.

    I fill my bowl to the top, then pack it down some so the flower is away from the flame intake.  Don’t tamp it too hard, just a little for spacing so it isn’t as fluffy.  I also recommend starting with their included torch.  Aim the tip of the blue inner flame to the edge of the intake, not inside but just on the outer area.  I also like to move the flame around a little for more even heating.

    When you’re just learning the Flip Brick, it’s best to start your hit and go until you start seeing vapour getting thick.  Now back off the flame slightly.  The herb has warmed up and you can keep the flame back to maintain the vaping temp.  If you want to ramp it up, hold the flame closer.  I stir between every hit with my Flip Brick.  It’s easy to do with this new design and it helps you get everything out of your flower.

Vapour Quality (Taste, Smoothness, Size, Effects)

    It is much improved with the 2019 Flip Brick.  You get solid terp flavours, and it’s pure convection so you extract a lot of flavour in that first hit.  Convection also gets you stronger than average effects and really large hits.  For the biggest rips, you can take the discs out if you are comfortable with your technique, but if you want to leave them in you can still get big clouds with a little practice.


    All Sticky Bricks are efficient, and the Flip Brick 2019 Edition carries on that tradition.  It’s crazy how many hits you can get out of a nicely packed bowl, but the flavour will be mostly in the first couple pulls.  The on-demand nature of Sticky Bricks is one of the reasons so many people love them.  Just heat with a torch and get big clouds whenever you want.  It’s a pretty low-fuss system, and there’s a little bit of a learning curve, but it is much better with the improvements in the 2019 model.

Strong Points

    The primary benefit of the new model can’t be overstated… it is so much easier to use than its predecessor.  The old Flip Brick put off some great hits, but the practice it took compared to this updated model is night-and-day.  It’s the most affordable Brick, under $100, making it a very approachable first Sticky Brick for someone that’s new to the brand or new to vaping in general.  Bricks really perform.  They’re on-demand, entirely convection, and very efficient with your material.  Most people are surprised by how hard these things wail when they try one for the first time, and the new Flip Brick hits you right where it counts.

Weak Points

    Even though it’s much easier to use than the previous Flip Brick, the newer model still takes the most time to learn.  If you’re used to using another type of Brick, you’ll need to adjust your technique a bit for this one.  You also need something to use the Flip Brick on, it’s not designed to be used natively.  You’ll need a 14mm or 18mm female J-hook or water piece.

Overall Thoughts

    If you are looking for your first Brick or you want a Stick Brick for exclusive use through water, then the new Flip Brick 2019 Edition is a great option to consider.  The function is improved with the longer airpath and intake, and it’s not so much more difficult to learn to use than the other Bricks.  The restrictor discs really help with technique and keep you from scorching.  I’m glad to see that Sticky Brick Labs listen to the feedback and updated this model, it’s now a much more viable option to introduce more people to the Sticky Brick lineup.

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