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After the success of the Long Handled Dab Tool we are honoured to bring you another handcrafted piece from Ed’s TNT in the SPV Artisan Series - the Pack & Stir Tool. Ed is the master and commander of custom wood vaporizer accessories and his craftsmanship is unparalleled. This time, we’ve commissioned him to make us a jack-of-all-trades custom tool, designed to be used in every part of the vaporizer process.

The Pack & Stir Tool measures in at 4.5” overall length, with a 1” stainless steel stir tool on one side and a 0.25” brass, ferruled tamp tool on the other end. The tamping end is designed to fit into even the smallest vapes to pack it just right and works in a DynaVap or Ed’s own WoodScents. The tool's handle has a flat section to prevent rolling, while also keeping the dirty parts elevated from your table, helping to prevent mess.

Available in two lovely wood grains, the Pack & Stir Tool is a work of art. The Granadillo wood, which has been used by Ed for a decade, mostly in Arizer stems, is native to Guatemala, and features rich dark tones varying to bring orange heartwood. The Canarywood originates in South America and is typically yellow with irregular characteristics, this batch has vivid red and orange streaking that is strikingly similar to fire ripping through the wood.

Ed is really excited to be using these woods to create a great stirring, cleaning and bowl emptying tool that we know you’ll love. Treat yourself to a versatile masterpiece, Ed’s TNT Pack & Stir Tool from the SPV Artisan Series.

Ed's TNT Pack & Stir Tool

Ed's TNT Pack & Stir Tool
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