Desperado 10mm Vaporizer Water Tool Product Demo

Add some water cooling and take it easy with the Desperado 10mm Vaporizer Water Tool. This water piece offers advanced internals and perfected performance all around.

Standing just under 5” tall, the Desperado has a wide intake tube that facilitates abundant airflow. The dual opposing dome design is great for reducing spillage and compared to traditional designs, it noticeably prevents an accidental, unwanted drink of water.

The bottom section has four slits for percolation and the top has a drainage hole to quickly empty any water that ends up in the reservoir. The separated mouthpiece section has a great mouthfeel and a sleek look. For the times when the refined bubble of the Little Bandit just isn’t enough, The Desperado will definitely fulfill your needs with its noticeable chug.

The Desperado 10mm Vaporizer Water Tool is a great next-gen glass piece that will provide ample water filtration and cooling.


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