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Storz & Bickel truly started the vaporizer revolution that took place towards the end of the last millennium.  The Volcano was the first device to have household name recognition, and it was/is well deserved.  The Crafty represents Storz & Bickel's first foray into the portable device market.  With the tremendous expectations a user has when a device has a sibling like the Volcano, can this unit truly impress?  Should have Storz & Bickel stuck to desktop devices?  Join me as we explore Germany's finest portable export.


0:27 Components Of Kit

3:18 Crafty Unit

5:03 How To Use

5:42 Filling Aid

6:44 Device Operation 

8:27 Charging the Unit

9:19 Crafty App

11:41 Flexibility 

12:48 Cleaning The Unit

13:21 Cleaning Demonstration 


16:02 Battery Life

17:00 Heat Up Time

18:02 Taste

19:08 Size Of Toke

20:04 Harshness / Smoothness

21:00 Smell

21:18 Ruggedness 

21:45 Efficiency 

22:20 Stealth Factor

22:43 Strength Of Effects

23:08 Price/Value

24:24 Favourite Things

25:58 Gripes

27:07 Final Thoughts

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