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    The Crafty+ is a portable handheld with a mix of convection and conduction vapour.  It’s made by Storz & Bickel, the company that makes the industry-leading Volcano desktop.  Judging this on a pure evolution/feature basis is probably going to be a yawner but looking at it purely on what it offers shows the Crafty+ is an extremely well-made pocket-friendly vape.  The box is smaller than its predecessor, and it comes with a loading capsule, oil pads, several replacement screens and gaskets, a USB charging cable, and a quick start manual.


    The Crafty+ is made almost entirely from plastic.  For some people that’ll be a negative, but if there is any vape manufacturer I’d trust with plastic, it’s Storz & Bickel.  The body feels very high quality and the cooling unit is made from PEEK, which is used in medical implants.  They were definitely choosing materials carefully.  The body has been reworked to feel better in hand.  It’s more rounded at the heating chamber rather than squared off, so the piece feels more secure on the go.  At the same time, it’s still pretty light for its size, so it doesn’t feel too cumbersome in a jacket pocket.

    At the bottom, you’ll see the LED status light and the stirring and filling tool that stores inside the vape and covers the micro-USB port.  The whole thing is controlled with a single button, and then you can further tweak it through the app if you want.  Exterior dimensions are the same as the old design.  It’s reasonably small at 4.3” tall, 2.2” wide and 1.3” deep.  Good news – every original Crafty accessory that I’ve tested on the new Crafty+ has worked so far.

Battery Life/Charging/Heat-up time

    It’s too bad S&B didn’t upgrade to USB-C because it charges so much faster.  If the vape is totally dead it takes a long time to recharge, but you can use it while plugged in as long as the battery has a certain amount of charge already reached.  When you plug it in the Crafty+ lights will change and start blinking blue while it’s taking juice.  The blink will slow down as the battery powers back up and when full the blue light stays solid.

    The batteries are much more efficient than even the 20% boosted batteries we’ve seen from S&B lately.  From a full charge, I measured 4 complete bowls, getting 2 sessions per bowl and the second session running at full power max boost heat level.  This kind of performance is very good for a true travel vape.  Heat up time has also improved over the older model, though it still takes around a minute to reach full temperature.  There’s also a strong vibration to let you know when it’s ready.

How to use the app

    Like any good app, this one is totally optional.  You can easily use the Crafty+ without, but I advise installing it to tweak things to your liking at least for first-time use set up.  Once you connect the vape to your app, I’d turn on Bluetooth permanently if you plan on using the app regularly.  You can also turn vibration on and off, adjust the automatic shutoff time between 1 and 5 minutes, and adjust smartphone vibration and alarm settings as well.

    When you go to the Crafty tab you’ll see the device info, total operation time, firmware version, plus there’s even a “Find My Crafty” function that makes the Crafty+ flash all colours of lights and vibrate.  Super useful if you forget where you place things.  In the temperature tab you set the vape’s base level temperature – I set mine to 365F.  Below that you can set your booster temperature, which I like to go up by 25F, so the oven is at 390F.

How to use the vape

    After the initial setup, you’ll be doing controls on the vape itself.  To turn it on press the orange button and it’ll start heating up to your base temperature.  A double-click activates the booster and you’ll see the light blink faster as the oven moves up to the higher temp.  Triple-click goes up to “level 11” or 410F for finishing bowls.  When the session timer is about to expire, the Crafty+ will vibrate once, then again, then closer and weaker until it finally turns off.

    I’ve been using a medium grind and filling the chamber all the way up for two good sessions per bowl.  I also use the dosing capsules, which are a convenient option to keep your vape cleaner.  The heater light is a good way to guide how long and how hard to inhale.  As you can see in the review, bubble straws work really well on the new Crafty+.

Vapour Quality (taste, smoothness, size, effects)

    Vapour quality is one of the main reasons that people revere Storz and Bickel vaporizers, and the Crafty+ does not disappoint.  Vapour production is substantial, the mix of conduction and convection gives you vapour right away and really pumps out big clouds with very little draw restriction.  That convection heating gives you clean terpy flavour right from the very first bowl.  Its cooling unit works really well, especially considering the volume and density of the vapour it handles.  That said, remember these are some huge clouds, so you may still cough from time to time.  As you can imagine, the effects are really potent from the Crafty+.  Usually, with a fresh pack, just three or four draws is plenty for me.


    It’s efficient but not just insane.  It really reminds me of the Volcano in that regard.  If you push your material you can get it pretty browned, but it’s definitely not the darkest ABV.  The Crafty+ has accurate temperature readings, so when there isn’t any vapour at 365F you have to bump up the temp or repack your bowl if you want more.  It is convenient to use, overall.  Just pack it, hit one button, and within a minute you’re ripping exceptional vapour with very little effort.  Two good sessions in a pack make this an easy one to take with you.  Maintenance can be involved or simple, depending on how detailed you want to be.  If you’re disassembling everything it can take a few minutes.  I do a quick shake with ISO in a plastic bag then a thorough rinse under the tap and dry in front of the fan.  Never ever soak plastic in alcohol, I keep it in the bag less than 60 seconds.

Strong Points

    The Crafty+ provides a lot of vapour producing power and high quality in a device that’s easy to take with you anywhere.  There are more portable vapes out there for sure, but the huge hits you get from the Crafty+ and the flavour are tough to match and a big asset to this vape.  The battery life increase helps me to pick this one as my travel vape, confident that I can get at least 4 bowls before I’ll need to recharge.  The last strong point is ease of use.  It has very free airflow so you don’t have to fight the milkshake for a rip, and the vape really couldn’t be easier to operate.  Just load, press button, wait until vibrate and inhale.  Even if you never use the app you’ll still get great performance with the Crafty+.

Weak Points

    It still takes a long time to heat up.  Even though the Plus is considerably faster than its predecessor, it does take a while to get warm.  I wish they could cut that time in half, but I’m sure that would kill that battery.  While that battery does have a long life now, it’d be much better with USB-C charging.  Without a removable battery, when it dies, you’re simply left to wait.  If they’d have upgraded it’d be much nicer.  Finally, this isn’t a cheap vape, and I don’t like that they removed some of the accessories that used to be included like the grinder and the brush that I use regularly.  And they only give you a little starter guide now instead of the full detailed instruction manual.  I’d rather have more info than less.

Overall Thoughts

    The Crafty+ is a killer choice for anyone looking for a travel-friendly vaporizer that compromises in no way on vapour quality.  It’s a generational sort of upgrade rather than a revolutionary new take on the Crafty.  If you have an older Crafty and were hoping for a substantial feature upgrade, then you probably won’t be a huge fan of the Plus.  However, anyone looking for a vape they can take with them anywhere and get Storz & Bickel quality clouds will be happy with the Crafty+.  USB-C charging and faster heat-up would make this a homerun, but overall, I will be choosing the Crafty+ for on-the-go use as I’m a huge fan of the vapour quality and quantity it produces along with the healthy battery life and portable size.

    The Crafty+ along with some great accessories will be available very soon at and



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