Arizer Extreme Q Detailed Review

The Arizer Extreme Q is definitely a vape that flies under the radar. You see the Solo 2, Air 2, and the ArGo everywhere. The EQ? Not so much… and that really is a shame. This thing is a killer desktop vaporizer from Arizer. It has some great features, uses a lot of glass components, it’s easy to use with a water piece, and it even has a cool little remote control. Of course, it’s built to the same high level of quality you’ve come to expect from Arizer. Best of all, the Extreme Q is insanely cheap for a desktop vape of this calibre. Let’s get into what makes it so great.


Whip use, fan powered blasts, or balloons

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The Extreme Q features a ceramic heating rod that provides fast heat up and tons of vaping power. You can use it with a whip or a balloon, or you can even hit it natively if you’re a savage like me!

First, let’s consider it with the whip, both with fan assist on and off. Load a decent amount into your bowl - it will work with a tiny pack but not that well. It works like a champ when you load it up with a medium grind, but you can use a really fine grind and it’ll produce tons of vapor. We suggest using our loading funnel to load it, which you can buy here (US) or here (Canada).

Turn the Extreme Q on by pressing the button on the device or by using the remote control. Use the remote once and you probably won’t touch the controls on the vape itself again. It really is very handy. You can control the power, audio, lights, auto shutoff timer, fan speed, pre-set temperatures, and individual temp adjustments.

Try preheating your bowl for a minute or two and you’ll get more vapor quickly. Insert the whip into the top of the cyclone bowl, then draw on it and adjust the pace of your draw to your preference. Now you can try it with fan assist turned on. You’ll still have to draw, but you notice it’s pumping vapor into you. It can be challenging to try to keep up with it, and you’ll really feel the effects!

Next, try out the balloon. Put the glass mini whip into the bowl, then place the balloon on top. Make sure you suck out the air first so you get it full of nothing but vapor. Turn the fan on and wait a little bit. It can take some time. If you’re used to a Volcano, the Arizer Extreme Q is definitely slower to fill. Always use fan speed three for filling up the balloons. With the whip just stick to fan speed one (or two if you feel like living dangerously).

When the balloon is almost full turn your EQ off. Remove the bowl and pull the balloon off, but be sure to plug it with your finger. Unlike the Volcano, there isn’t a latching system to seal the vapor inside the balloon. That’s unfortunate. However, also unlike the Volcano, you can actually use this balloon directly with a 10mm water piece. This is an awesome feature and we highly recommend trying it.

Cleaning is simple. Just rinse the glass in isopropyl alcohol. The bags are replaceable as well. Cleaning instructions are included which look easy enough, though we haven’t messed with it.

That’s the overall picture. You can casually hit it with the whip while you’re watching a movie, or you can blast vapor down your gullet using the forced air fan. You can fill a balloon and casually enjoy it over some time, or pass it around your group of friends.

Also, as mentioned, you can choose to hit the balloon through water for some ultra-cool and smooth vapor. If you’re feeling crazy, you can try the scuba tank, which is for advanced users only. Fill up a balloon, hold the tip of the bag in your lips, and take in the whole bag. Then exhale through your nose. This is a guaranteed way to change the course of your afternoon.


Intended for dry herb use

The Arizer Extreme Q is really for dry herb use. We experimented with a little concentrate and that was ok, but it worked very well with kief. The Arizer Extreme Q is really more for the flower end of the spectrum.

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Pretty fast heat-up time

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Heating up is pretty fast, and it's completely ready to go when the desired temperature is showing. The vaporizer itself can be left plugged in and turned on for weeks at a time without getting hot. It doesn’t even really warm up for that matter. It has double-wall construction and it feels like it can be left on indefinitely, though we recommend following the manuals instructions just to be safe.


Super smooth and incredibly cool, first class vapor quality

One of the reasons the Arizer Extreme Q is so impressive is the vapor quality. It is first class! The whip is good, but the balloon won our hearts over. While it is not truly on par with the Volcano, it certainly lives in the same neighbourhood. The taste is very pure, but not extremely strong. The strain’s unique flavor is very true, but it’s not like hitting the ELEV8R.

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The Extreme Q is super smooth, incredibly cool, and not harsh at all. If you end up coughing it’s because of the volume and potency of the vapor. The whip is lengthy to cool off the vapor a lot, and the bag provides so much surface area for cooling that hitting it's like you’re just breathing in air. Even hitting it natively isn't harsh.

Arizer Extreme Q also produces immense clouds. The fan assist makes a world of difference with the whip, and hitting the bag has no real resistance at all and is super cool. You can literally fill your entire lungs 2-4 times in a row with each balloon. Do this without taking any breaths in between, and when you wake up let us know how it worked out down in the comments :)


Your herb will go a long way

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Your herb will really go a long way in your Extreme Q, especially if you start preheating your bowl and turning up the temperature. It may seem like the EQ uses a lot because of the amount you put into it, but the vapor it puts out from that really gives some long mileage.

If you want to get into ultra-efficiency for the Extreme Q, check out the DDave Mod Kit. 420 Vape Zone does a great video on this modification and it really does add a whole new dimension to this vape. Plus, it’s not an expensive upgrade.


A top quality build

The Arizer Extreme Q is another top-quality build from the legendary Canadian manufacturer. After running for seven days straight, it didn’t get warm at all, even less than the WoodScents. The glass components are really solid - one even survived a three-foot drop onto a hard floor. It feels kind of retro with the remote, but the technology behind it is proven and reliable

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This thing will get you annihilated

Sound the alarm, because this thing will get you annihilated. Seriously, the Extreme Q has gotten me floored so many times because the bags of vapor are so thick and still so smooth. You really underestimate how important your draw is.

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When you draw vapor very deep into your lungs, as one tends to with a balloon system, there is more exposure so you feel the effects much more thoroughly without needing to try to hold it in. Your body naturally absorbs more of the good stuff this way. When your balloon is so thick with vapor that you can’t see through it, approach with caution!


Options for every scenario

The Arizer Extreme Q is all kinds of convenient. You can just leave it plugged in and ready to go, and you can hit off of it natively with the whip, or fill up and rip on a balloon whenever you want. The balloons are great for passing around friends, hitting at your own leisure, or hitting through a water piece. It’s a solid 9 in this category, but to be a perfect 10 the balloons would need to fill up faster and they would need a way to seal off the tip so you don’t have to keep your finger on it.

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Options for every scenario

This is the best part. Arizer's Extreme Q is insanely cheap. Never mind the affordable price, the value of this vaporizer is 10/10. It is a great vape for anyone who has a place for it.

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The Arizer Extreme Q produces satisfying, thick vapor that is still very cool and smooth. The balloon system is really handy. It’ll remind you of the Volcano, convenient and easy to share with friends, even those that struggle to use vapes otherwise.

The Extreme Q feels like an appliance. We were totally comfortable leaving it on for extended periods of time. It feels rock-solid and well-designed. It’s very versatile; there’s a method for anyone and any style. Finally, there are some cool mods for it, including third-party accessories. Arizer Extreme Q is anything but a one-trick pony.


Compared to a Storz & Bickel Volcano, this desktop vape will take a bit longer to fill up your balloon. It’d be nice if that was faster. It would also be awesome if they had a few different LED color choices and some different volume levels, options like that would be nice in a device this size. 

Also, it would be great to have single-degree temperature adjustment. It’s not that there’s a huge difference between 385 and 384 degrees Farenheit, but it’s just a weird design feature to omit.


an awesome vape and one you should seriously consider

The Arizer Extreme Q is not the sexiest piece and it’s not brand new, but it is a monster. It heats up quickly, the remote is handy, it is made from high-quality materials and engineered by a well-known high-quality manufacturer.

It’s also ultra-versatile. No matter how you like to vape, the Arizer Extreme Q can satisfy. The value and convenience can’t be overstated, and the vapor the Extreme Q makes is very potent and smooth. This really is an awesome vape and one you should seriously consider if you don’t already have a desktop vaporizer.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!

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