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    The Arizer Air 2 is the successor to the ultra-popular portable Arizer Air.  There are a lot of reasons to love the original Air, but the new one is an improvement in every way.  The Air 2 is a session style vaporizer featuring a mixture of convection heating from warm air passing through your herbs and conduction heating from the radiant glass heat.  It also features a pure borosilicate vapour path that’s isolated from any electronics.

    It’s the same size as the original Air, but it features a new OLED screen for changing settings and adjusting the temperature.  The battery life has been improved quite a bit and the heat up time is shorter.  It also now allows for single degree temperature adjustment.  It fits very well in your hand and it’s a great choice for a portable as you can preload the stems and take as many batteries as you like with you. 

    The Air 2 comes with a great package and a number of accessories.  We don’t recommend using the screens, but they are there if you like them.  The instruction manual is nice as well.  You can use any Solo 2 accessories with the Air 2, like the water pipe adapter, the bubble straw, or the black stems.  Of the two included stems I prefer the plastic tipped one, though it can get a little warm with extended use.


    Compared to the original Air, the new screen and menus offer a nice upgrade and modernizes the Air 2.  To turn it on just hold down the bottom and middle buttons.  Another upgrade, it now turns on in two seconds!  To change settings, hold down the menu button.  You can change the beep, the brightness, the automatic shutoff time, turn on time, and Celsius to Fahrenheit.  It has options to do so many things, it can even do your Calculus homework 😉 (warning:  do not actually use Arizer products to do math.)

    To exit the menu just stop pressing buttons.  Now pressing the up or down buttons will start heating your Air 2 up.  It will automatically warm up to the last temperature you had it set at.  Do make sure your vape is totally warm before you insert the stem for the first time or you can possibly break it.  The stems are super easy to load, you can scoop your stem down into your ground herb, or just place a whole bud in there and press it down for best flavour.

    Now just insert the stem into the Air 2 and you’re ready to go.  You’ll notice the draw resistance is improved from the original Air.  The first hit will be wispy, but after your bud has warmed up it will start to pump out the vapour.  To turn it off hold down the bottom button or just allow the automatic shutoff to do its thing.  To unload your stem just tap it out and brush out the bowl as necessary, and when it’s really dirty give it a bath in some isopropyl alcohol.  The Air 2 is very low maintenance. 


    The Air 2 is for dry herb only.  You can always sandwich a little concentrate in with it without it getting too gummed up, and it’s easy enough to clean if it does.  Do be careful that the concentrate doesn’t melt down into the unit.  It is an awesome piece for dry herb though, and a nice chunk of pressed kief will vape in it for days and days.


    The Air 2 has awesome battery life for a vaporizer so that is so small, especially one with a removable battery option.  It is improved over the original Air by about two sessions or so (will vary by the user of course).  We got around 75 minutes of use per battery charge.  The battery is the same physical size but it has a higher capacity, and the Air 2 also allows you to use it while charging.  It really is impressive when you consider the size, power, amount of sessions, and the fact that the batteries are interchangeable.


    The heat up time feels a bit slow for 2017.  I wouldn’t call it quick as it takes 60-90 seconds depending on the battery level and temperature setting.  It isn’t fully ready to go when it says it’s warm, you need to give it another 15 seconds or so and give it a light pull to warm up the material.  It’d be nice if this were totally accurate and you could vape right away, or add a little animation when another ten seconds have gone by.


    The vapour overall is quite impressive.  When using whole buds, the flavour is knockout good.  If you’re a flavour chaser, consider changing the bowls out and/or cleaning them with isopropyl alcohol regularly as these glass stems really deliver ultra-pure taste when they’re clean.  I typically use ground herb in the Air 2 and whole buds in the Solo 2.  The size of the hits are as big as you want.  At 188C/375F it puts out more vapour than many devices can at higher temperatures. 

    The vapour can be a little on the warm side, especially with shorter stems.  We really recommend a longer stem, water pipe adapter, or a bubble straw for at-home use.  Any of these accessories will make the vapour super cool and smooth.  Without this added cooling the vapour isn’t harsh really, but it’s not extremely smooth either.  Overall, the vapour produced by the Air 2 is just great.  It’s a wonderful vape to session with, more like sipping on a good beer instead of taking a shot.


    The Air 2 is ultra-efficient.  I like to load a little at a time, enough for about two sessions.  It’s an absolute herb miser.  You’ll save a lot of money with this vaporizer.  You don’t have to push the temperature higher towards the end of the session, the bowl just keeps going and going.  Top level efficiency. 


    Like all Arizer products, the Air 2 is military grade and rock solid.  It doesn’t even get very warm at all, even after a full session.  The glass the stems are made of is good quality, and the protective caps and included case are a nice touch as well.  This vape should last you forever.  It’s covered by a solid warranty too.  You never hear about Arizers breaking, so they get the highest marks for build quality.


    The Air 2 is one of the best vape out there for stealth.  It’s small when the stem is out and the stems can be capped to pack for travel.  It offers huge battery life and vapour quality and output.  The Air 2 is very easy to travel with and a great choice for a road trip because of its great reliability and small size.


    Similar to the original Air, the effects are average for this type of vape.  It’s nothing that blows my mind, but after a session, I’ve never been left wanting more.  Just don’t expect one hit to finish you off.  The heater can keep up with multiple pulls, so it’s very easy to get to the level you want to be at quickly.


    Arizer portables are at the top of the pack for convenience.  They’re so easy to learn, impossible to use incorrectly, easy to clean, and there are tons of accessories.  The Air 2 is a best choice for a first-timer or someone who wants a bulletproof portable they’ll never have to fuss with.


    Only $155.99USD or $202.79CAD, so the Air 2 really is a very reasonably priced vape for everything it offers.  Like investing in a good solid appliance, this piece will last you for years of problem-free operation.


    The Air 2 is so easy to use, it is a great vaporizer for first timers or people who don’t like fussing with lots of things and little parts.  Every aspect of the old Air is improved.  The new screen is simple but completely functional, like all Arizer products.  The materials used and isolation of the airpath result in amazing flavour and the heater can go back to back to back for repeating frequent large hits. 

    It's one of the best portable options due to its small size, high performance, and battery setup.  It is super easy to load, a quality that is often overlooked.  It is also a breeze to clean.  It will work with existing accessories and has the same size stems which is nice.  It also has a shorter turn-on time, which is a small thing, but it’s a small thing you will appreciate every single time you use your Air 2.


    Shorter stems give warmer draws, so if you have a sensitive throat use a lower temperature setting, a longer stem, or even better some water cooling and filtration.  A beep or vibration when it reaches temperature would be nice.  The upper section makes a slight sound when you squeeze it, the original Air didn’t do this.  For some reason, the button placement is different than the Solo 2.  Also, I’d like to see a longer stem included instead of two shorties.


    The Air 2 is a worthy update to a classic vaporizer.  It can’t be any easier to use, if you hate fussing with vaporizers, they really don’t get any simpler than this one.  The pure borosilicate air path provides healthy, clean, flavourful vapour and it produces large clouds with ease.  Truly a ton of performance from a very small sized portable. 

    It’s one of the few vapes I feel totally comfortable taking out for an extended trip with no back-ups.  Arizers are among the most reliable vaporizers in the industry.  It's very portable, has great battery life and their interchangeable, and with preloaded stems there’s no limit to your ability to vape on the go.  The Air 2 is another great entry from Arizer and it’s a perfect vape for someone who wants simplicity and performance.



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