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Today, I want to discuss the brand new 2020 DynaVap M.

DynaVap always sets their bar high, and I feel like they have really outdone themselves with this year's update.  Even if you have a 2019 M, I would seriously take a look at this review as I'm going to go over all the new features, and you may find yourself wanting to upgrade.

I've already done a post that covers my top three favourite features of the new 2020 DynaVap M, but now I'm going to take a much closer look at the device, from top to bottom.

Let's start with how the device arrives, as they no longer come in a plastic tube, but rather in a recyclable cardboard shell, which is actually meant to be a case rather than something you might just throw away.  The shell holds the device in place when open, but then locks it securely when you close it.  I've heard from people that they much prefer this as it fits better in their pocket, but others have said they miss the plastic tube, so for this feature it really depends on how much you actually use the case.

Next up is the new Captive Cap, which works across the entire DynaVap lineup, with either stainless or titanium tips, and at first glance it looks very similar to the old cap.

When you take a closer look, though, you will see two small indentations, or detents, on either side of the cap.  These indentations fit just past the edge of the tip and they serve to hold the cap in place, while still allowing it to freely turn. This means you're going to get great airflow, but you no longer have to worry about your cap being too loose and falling off.  This is a fantastic improvement on their original design, and a logical and straightforward fix.

Now to the tip itself, which has a totally new design when compared to the 2019 tip. The bowl now brings the feature from their titanium tip down to the M lineup.  The adjust-a-bowl feature lets you reduce the bowl's capacity by a considerable margin to help reduce herb consumption. This is by far one of my favourite features and I strongly encourage everyone to try this out.  I was a late adopter of the smaller bowl, figuring it just wouldn't be enough, but it's amazing how much vapour you can get out of that small bowl.

The very edge of the tip has a number of cutouts to give you improved airflow.  Then when you look at the exterior of the bowl it has this new flat geometrical shape so it's not just round on round with the cap, while it still has a completely round shape on the inside.  There are also multiple notches cut out at the top to add even more airflow.

The fin design is different as well.  There are 2 groups of fins, and overall I like the look and I love the function of this new tip.  My only complaint is that the edge of the tip is sharper.  The 2019, for example, has more of a rounded or flat edge, where this one is more pointed.  So if you are loading this directly in your grinder, be careful as you do not want to scratch your grinder.  This does, however, make it super easy to just press this thing directly into a bud and cut out a little chunk so you can vape it, which is another thing I encourage you to try for maximum flavour.

Next, looking at the body of the 2020 M itself.  The mid section between the tip and where the airport begins has been totally redesigned from the 2019 M; while I really liked the look of the 2019 M, and still do, I feel this new model is a more refined design. It is still visually interesting,  but the new version is a little more understated and stronger, rather than just sort of cool and random looking.  It plays cool in the light and and still has an upper warning track to let your finger know you are about to touch the tip.

Moving further down we get to the real flag ship section of the device in terms of imagery, and that is the new chiral airport, which is really two airports.  And then on the reverse side, for the rocker they have an awesome Metallica style M.

The airport improvements are noticeable right away.  As you rock the device back-and-forth rather than opening and closing the whole airport, you can open and close only one side of the airport, which can lead to some interesting airflow patterns inside that help to clear the device. One thing you have to try with this device is not covering the airports at all.  It seems like the air flow patterns intersect and it only allows so much airflow in there at a time, so this version is totally usable when you just don't cover your airports.

When you turn the device 180 degrees, the rocker is still a rocker, but now it is clearly designed to show the M cutaway which really makes it stand out.  This was the first thing I noticed and it just such a strong feature. I find it really ties the device together and gives it a mature look.

Moving down to the mouthpiece you're going to notice that it has an ever so slightly increased taper.  This doesn't make much difference in the mouth feel when you're using it, but it makes all the difference in the world when you are using the vaporizer with a 10mm female joint. Rather than sort of sitting on the edge of the joint, it now slides in there like a gentleman and sits in the device properly so you can use it hands free.  Remember when I said that the device works well if you don't cover the airport?  Give that a go hands-free if you want to experience the easiest way to use your DynaVap through water.

One more feature I'd like to touch on; when you remove the cap then use the digger-outer to pop out the condenser, you can look inside of the mouthpiece to see a little cut out ridge.  What the ridge does is make it super easy to get your condenser back in and lined up perfectly every time.  You don't have to worry about struggling to find the right position; it just automatically locks into place and sets it exactly where you want it.

Now a for a few comparisons of different hits.  I loaded some ground flower directly from the grinder, pressing the device into the flower a few times to load it.  I used my finger to dust off any excess, and placed the cap on.  I heated it up with a torch and then hit it with the airports completely uncovered, with great results.  For the next hit I took a bud and simply stabbed it with my 2020 M tip. I gave it a little side to side twist action, and then after I had my bowl filled, put the cap on and hit this one in the induction heater using a pulse technique.   For this technique, rather than holding it until it clicks, I held it for 2 seconds, stop for 2 seconds, then hold it till it clicks for a total of 3 heatings.  Using this method I get a way bigger first hit.  And for the last hit, I used a water piece with a fresh bowl.  I got a good amount of vapour, even without covering the airports.  And for all three of the hits described, by using the smaller position on the adjust-a-bowl, I used a very small amount of herb, and there was still plenty of green left in the herb.  Bottom line, if you want good performance but you also want to save money, the 2020 M is worth considering.

The 2020 M is a massive improvement over previous generations.  A lot of times the next generation of a vaporizer comes out three or four years later and it really isn’t tremendously different, whereas these guys are pumping out a vaporizer one year later that is a marked improvement from their last model. To me this thing really feels like the device they were trying to make all these years, and now the design has really matured and come into it’s own. 

The device costs $75US so it is one of the lowest price vaporizers on the market, but as you can see it certainly doesn’t perform like that. It hits hard, is super efficient, and you can heat it with almost anything, so if you don’t have a Dynavap you should really consider getting one, and this is a pretty obvious place to start. 

You can pick one of these up at www.vapenorth.ca or www.sneakypetestore.com, as well as all the other accessories that you see me go over in my videos.


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